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ChilliSocial is a fork of Guppe

Social groups for the fediverse - making it easy to connect and meet new people based on shared interests without the manipulation of your attention to maximize ad revenue nor the walled garden lock-in of capitalist social media.

This server-2-server ActivityPub implementation adds decentralized, federaded "groups" support across all ActivityPub compliant social media networks. Users join groups by following group-type actors on ChilliSocial servers and contribute to groups by mentioning those same actors in a post. ChilliSocial group actors will automatically forward posts they receive to all group members so that everyone in the group sees any post made to the group. ChilliSocial group actors' profiles (e.g. outboxes) also serve as a group discussion history. Creation of new groups is automatic, users simply search for or mention a new group and it will be created.

Tech stack

Mostly powered by activitypub-express from Immers Space. The chillisocial server app, index.js is 200 lines of code, just adding the auto-create actor, auto-accept follow, and auto-boost from inbox behaviors to the base apex setup.

There's also an HTML front-end using Vue (/web) to display popular groups and provide fallback user profile discovery.


Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml are provided for easy install

git clone
cd chillisocial
cp .env.defaults .env
cd web
npm install && npm run build
echo >> .env


Copyright (c) 2021 William Murphy. Licensed under the AGPL-3