Fork of join-misskey's Ubuntu bash installer for Calckey
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Calckey Ubuntu install shell script

This is forked from for use with Calckey.

Install Calckey with one shell script!

You can install calckey on an Ubuntu server just by answering some questions.

There is also an update script.


  • A domain
  • An Ubuntu server/vps
  • Git
  • wget
  • Docker (optional)

Configure Cloudflare

If you are using Nginx and Cloudflare, you must configure Cloudflare:

  • Set DNS.
  • On SSL/TLS setting tab, switch the encryption mode to "Full".
  • Turn off code minification.


1. Prepare

Make sure all packages are up to date and reboot.

sudo apt update; sudo apt install git wget; sudo apt full-upgrade -y; sudo reboot

2. Start the installation

Reconnect SSH and let's start installing Calckey.

wget -O; sudo bash

3. Updating

There is also an update script.

First, download the script.

wget -O

Run it when you want to update Calckey.

sudo bash
  • In the systemd environment, the -r option can be used to update and reboot the system.
  • In the docker environment, you can specify repository:tag as an argument.