Fork of Join Misskey API for Calckey
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joinmisskey servers' information api forked for Calckey

Running locally

  1. pnpm i
  2. bun index.js or node index.js


Served statically by sabo-tabby


    date: Date // The date instances.json was published at.
    stats: {                      //  statistics
        notesCount: Number,       //  Total notes
        usersCount: Number,       //  Total Users
        mau: Number,              //  Total MAUs
        instancesCount: Number,   //  Servers counter
    instancesInfos: [        // Servers Infos (only alives)
            url: String,     //  Hostname e.g.
            name: String,    //  Name e.g. すしすきー
            langs: String[], //  Language the API author aqz set manually e.g. ["ja"], ["zh"]
            description: String | Null,  // meta.description or the the API author aqz set manually
            isAlive: true,   //  must true
            value: Number,   //  The server Value calculated from the version, etc.
            banner: Bool,    //  Banner existance
            background: Bool,//  Background Image existance
            icon: Bool,      //  Icon Image existance
            nodeinfo: Object | null,  //  nodeinfo
            meta: Object | null,      //  result of api/meta

            stats: Object,   //  deprecated (result of api/stats)
        }, ...



Banner of each servers (lightweighted)


Background image (displayed behind the welcome page) (lightweighted)


Icon (not favicon) (lightweighted)


List of hosts (separated by \n) for servers that were able to communicate


List of hosts (separated by \n) for servers that were unable to communicate


Version list obtained from GitHub