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reaction lib from dev
2 months ago
.idea Create move type 6 months ago
.vscode Update settings.json 1 year ago
assets Delete 'packages/backend/assets/favicon.svg' 4 months ago
migration fix: 🐛 Poll choice length 256 5 months ago
nsfw-model feat: auto nsfw detection (#8840) 11 months ago
src reaction lib from dev 2 months ago
test Remove usused eslint files 4 months ago
.mocharc.json fix: mocha テストが動かないのを修正 v2 (#8892) 11 months ago
.swcrc perf: 👷 build backend with swc 5 months ago
jsconfig.json use eslint 2 years ago
ormconfig.js refactor: migrate to typeorm 3.0 (#8443) 1 year ago
package.json Merge branch 'feature/masto-api' into develop 4 months ago
tsconfig.json use es2021 for node 10 months ago