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This file contains ambiguous Unicode characters!

This file contains ambiguous Unicode characters that may be confused with others in your current locale. If your use case is intentional and legitimate, you can safely ignore this warning. Use the Escape button to highlight these characters.

_lang_: "Taqbaylit"
monthAndDay: "{day}/{month}"
search: "Nadi"
notifications: "Ilɣuyen"
username: "Isem n umseqdac"
password: "Awal uffir"
ok: "IH"
settings: "Iɣewwaṛen"
otherSettings: "Iɣewwaren nniḍen"
profile: "Amaɣnu"
signup: "Jerred"
save: "Sekles"
delete: "Kkes"
addToList: "Rnu ɣer tebdart"
reply: "Err"
loadMore: "Wali ugar"
showMore: "Wali ugar"
youGotNewFollower: "Yeṭṭafaṛ-ik·em-id"
mention: "Bder"
import: "Kter"
export: "Sifeḍ"
files: "Ifuyla"
download: "Sider"
lists: "Tibdarin"
noLists: "Ulac ɣur-k·m ula d yiwet n tabdart"
following: "Ig ṭṭafaṛ"
followers: "Imeḍfaṛen"
followsYou: "Yeṭṭafaṛ-ik·em-id"
createList: "Snulfu-d tabdart"
enterListName: "Isem n tebdart"
privacy: "Tabaḍnit"
follow: "Ḍfeṛ"
you: "Kečči·mmi"
selectList: "Fren tabdart"
youHaveNoLists: "Ulac ɣur-k·m ula d yiwet n tabdart"
security: "Taɣellist"
remove: "Kkes"
connectService: "Qqen"
userList: "Tibdarin"
securityKey: "Tasarutt n tɣellist"
securityKeyName: "Isem n tsarutt"
signinRequired: "Ttxil jerred"
signinWith: "Tuqqna s {x}"
tapSecurityKey: "Sekcem tasarutt-ik·im n tɣellist"
uiLanguage: "Tutlayt n wegrudem"
accountSettings: "Iɣewwaṛen n umiḍan"
plugins: "Izegrar"
email: "Imayl"
emailAddress: "Tansa imayl"
smtpUser: "Isem n umseqdac"
smtpPass: "Awal uffir"
other: "Wiyyaḍ"
accountInfo: "Talɣut n umiḍan"
emailNotification: "Ilɣa imayl"
selectAccount: "Fren amiḍan"
accounts: "Imiḍan"
searchByGoogle: "Nadi"
file: "Ifuyla"
account: "Imiḍan"
title: "Yeṭṭafaṛ-ik·em-id"
mention: "Bder"
search: "Nadi"
font: "Tasefsit"
mention: "Bder"
notification: "Ilɣuyen"
"write:account": "Ẓreg talɣut n umiḍan-ik·im"
notifications: "Ilɣuyen"
show: "Wali ugar"
followers: "Imeḍfaṛen"
username: "Isem n umseqdac"
followingList: "Ig ṭṭafaṛ"
muteList: "Sgugem"
blockingList: "Seḥbes"
userLists: "Tibdarin"
contents: "Agbur"
font: "Tasefsit"
fontSerif: "Serif"
fontSansSerif: "Sans Serif"
eyeCatchingImageRemove: "Kkes tugna i d-ijebden"
selectType: "Fren anaw"
contentBlocks: "Agbur"
inputBlocks: "Anekcum"
specialBlocks: "Uzzig"
list: "Tibdarin"
arg1: "Tibdarin"
arg1: "Tibdarin"
arg1: "Tibdarin"
arg2: "Tibdarin"
arg1: "Tibdarin"
arg1: "Tibdarin"
array: "Tibdarin"
youWereFollowed: "Yeṭṭafaṛ-ik·em-id"
follow: "Ig ṭṭafaṛ"
mention: "Bder"
reply: "Err"
notifications: "Ilɣuyen"
list: "Tibdarin"