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## Install dev and compilation dependencies, build files
FROM node:19-alpine as build
WORKDIR /calckey
# Install compilation dependencies
RUN apk update
RUN apk add --no-cache --no-progress git alpine-sdk python3 rust cargo vips
# Copy only the dependency-related files first, to cache efficiently
COPY package.json pnpm*.yaml ./
COPY packages/backend/package.json packages/backend/package.json
COPY packages/client/package.json packages/client/package.json
COPY packages/sw/package.json packages/sw/package.json
COPY packages/calckey-js/package.json packages/calckey-js/package.json
COPY packages/backend/native-utils/package.json packages/backend/native-utils/package.json
COPY packages/backend/native-utils/npm/linux-x64-musl/package.json packages/backend/native-utils/npm/linux-x64-musl/package.json
COPY packages/backend/native-utils/npm/linux-arm64-musl/package.json packages/backend/native-utils/npm/linux-arm64-musl/package.json
# Configure corepack and pnpm
RUN corepack enable
RUN corepack prepare pnpm@latest --activate
# Install dev mode dependencies for compilation
RUN pnpm i --frozen-lockfile
# Copy in the rest of the files, to compile from TS to JS
COPY . ./
RUN pnpm run build
# Trim down the dependencies to only the prod deps
RUN pnpm i --prod --frozen-lockfile
## Runtime container
FROM node:19-alpine
WORKDIR /calckey
# Install runtime dependencies
RUN apk add --no-cache --no-progress tini ffmpeg vips-dev zip unzip rust cargo
COPY . ./
# Copy node modules
COPY --from=build /calckey/node_modules /calckey/node_modules
COPY --from=build /calckey/packages/backend/node_modules /calckey/packages/backend/node_modules
COPY --from=build /calckey/packages/sw/node_modules /calckey/packages/sw/node_modules
COPY --from=build /calckey/packages/client/node_modules /calckey/packages/client/node_modules
COPY --from=build /calckey/packages/calckey-js/node_modules /calckey/packages/calckey-js/node_modules
# Copy the finished compiled files
COPY --from=build /calckey/built /calckey/built
COPY --from=build /calckey/packages/backend/built /calckey/packages/backend/built
COPY --from=build /calckey/packages/backend/assets/instance.css /calckey/packages/backend/assets/instance.css
COPY --from=build /calckey/packages/backend/native-utils/built /calckey/packages/backend/native-utils/built
COPY --from=build /calckey/packages/backend/native-utils/target /calckey/packages/backend/native-utils/target
RUN corepack enable
ENTRYPOINT [ "/sbin/tini", "--" ]
CMD [ "pnpm", "run", "migrateandstart" ]