• v13.2.0-beta2 e674ae1c25

    v13.2.0-beta2 Pre-Release

    thatonecalculator released this 3 months ago | 1506 commits to beta since this release

    Notes for v13.2.0-beta2:

    • Enhanced Mastodon API support
    • New thread UI
    • Backfill remote users followers/follows
    • Sonic search support
    • License information for custom emojis
    • More built-in themes (Nord, Catppucchin, Gruvbox)
    • Performance improvements and bug fixes
    • Compile time compression

    First time contributors: @s1ide@fedi.s1i.dev and @naskya@misskey.io !

    git checkout beta
    git pull --ff
    corepack prepare pnpm@latest --activate
    pnpm i
    NODE_ENV=production pnpm run build && pnpm run migrate