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vulpes - XMPP Bot

vulpes is a modular XMPP bot written in C. There are basically two parts of the bot. The vulpes core functionality and a set of modules which can be used.

Core Service

The core service of the bot will read the configuration file ~/.config/vulpes.conf.


The bot will load the modules defined in the [modules] section.


After connecting to the XMPP server, the bot will join the operator muc which has been defined in muc and the MUCs stored with autojoin within the bookmarks.

The bot has a housekeeper function, which will run every 5 minutes (300 seconds) and will call the time-based function for modules every second.

Incoming chat and group chat messages will be forward to the modules. Core is quite lazy and is not doing much.


Coming soon

Build the bot

The bot needs:

  • libstrophe 0.10.0

  • glib 2.58.3

  • libstrophe >= 0.10.0

  • libcurl >= 7.74.0

  • libxml-2.0 >= 2.9.10

  • sqlite3 >= 3.34.1

    ./ && ./configure && make

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