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  • Support for Reddit
  • Support for Twitter
  • "Richest users" ranking
  • Use async functions.
  • Use a database to improve speed.
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum famous addresses blacklist.
  • Use pushshift api and fallback to teddit api.
  • Check only new comments instead of all comments every time.

🚧 Work in progress

See Status: In Progress issues

💡 To do

See Kind: Feature issues

🍫 Currency support

I see your cash will be adding support for more currencies. Find about our plans in the discussion issue.

Thanks to:

  • Nitter - I can use the Nitter API without the need of using the official Twitter API.
  • Teddit - I can use the Teddit API without the need of using the official Reddit API.
  • nitter_scrapper - Has been forked to adapt to needs.


Thanks to all the people who have contributed to this project! Below there is a list of developers who have helped me with this project:

🌟 @brickedsalamander - Active contributor to this repo

🌟 @EliZucker