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bovine_tool provides a CLI interface to manage bovine.


The default database connection is "sqlite://bovine.sqlite3". This can be overwridden with the environment variable "BOVINE_DB_URL".

Quick start

To register a new user with a FediVerse handle use

python -m bovine_tool.register fediverse_handle [--domain DOMAIN]

the domain must be specified.

Managing users

python -m bovine_tool.manage bovine_name

displays the user.

To add a did key for the Moo Client Registration Flow with a BovineClient use

python -m bovine_tool.manage bovine_name --did_key key_name did_key

Furthermore, using --properties the properties can be over written.

Cleaning the database

python -m bovine_tool.cleanup

to delete all remote objects older than 3 days. This should be expanded to make the variables configurable and delete a bunch of other stuff, e.g.

  • remove inbox, outbox entries older than 14 days
  • have a "timeline" of outbox entries to display on a public profile
  • remove all local entries not in inbox, outbox, or timeline
  • remove deleted items older than 1 month
  • make time frames configurable


  • Add ability to import/export all data associated with an actor