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bovine_process consists of the side effect logic of Activity objects. This means it contains the code, the logic that for an incoming object, one executes:

  • Store object in bovine_store
  • Add reference to inbox
  • Perform side effects
  • Enque object for bovine_pubsub

And a similar list of effects for outgoing objects, i.e

  • Store object in bovine_store
  • Add reference to outbox
  • Perform side effects
  • Send objects to follower's inbox
  • Enque object for bovine_pubsub

The behavior defined in this package corresponds to 6. Client to Server Interactions and 7. Server to Server Interactions of the ActivityPub specification. However, only a small subset of side effects is implemented.

Implemented Side Effects

  • Create, Update, Delete. Deletes are handled by replacing the object with a Tombstone. Various checks are performed to ensure only appropriate Updates happen.
  • Specify Update checks
  • Follow and Accept
    • Outgoing Accept of Follow adds to followers
    • Incoming Accept of Follows adds to following
  • Implement other side effects, in particular Like, Announce, and inReplyTo
  • Authority checks.

That's it. Currently, no collections for replies and likes are kept in bovine_store, so implementing these side effects cannot happen yet:

  • Announce -> add to share collection
  • Like -> add to likes collection
  • Create with inReplyTo -> add to replies collection


The folder tests/data contains test cases what side effects happen in the database for certain cases.