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// Package viewutil provides utilities and common templates for views across all packages.
package viewutil
import (
"text/template" // TODO: save the world
var (
//go:embed *.html
fsys embed.FS
BaseEn *template.Template
BaseRu *template.Template
m = template.Must
const ruText = `
{{define "search by title"}}Поиск по названию{{end}}
{{define "close this dialog"}}Закрыть этот диалог{{end}}
{{define "login"}}Войти{{end}}
{{define "register"}}Регистрация{{end}}
{{define "confirm"}}Подтвердить{{end}}
{{define "cancel"}}Отмена{{end}}
{{define "save"}}Сохранить{{end}}
func Init() {
dataText := fmt.Sprintf(`
{{define "wiki name"}}%s{{end}}
{{define "user hypha"}}%s{{end}}
`, cfg.WikiName, cfg.UserHypha)
BaseEn = m(m(template.New("").
"beautifulName": util.BeautifulName,
"inc": func(i int) int { return i + 1 },
}).ParseFS(fsys, "base.html")).
if cfg.UseAuth {
BaseEn = m(BaseEn.Parse(`
{{define "auth"}}
<ul class="top-bar__auth auth-links">
<li class="auth-links__box auth-links__user-box">
{{if .Meta.U.Group | eq "anon" }}
<a href="/login" class="auth-links__link auth-links__login-link">
{{block "login" .}}Login{{end}}
<a href="/hypha/{{block "user hypha" .}}{{end}}/{{.Meta.U.Name}}" class="auth-links__link auth-links__user-link">
{{beautifulName .Meta.U.Name}}
{{block "registration" .}}{{end}}
if cfg.AllowRegistration {
m(BaseEn.Parse(`{{define "registration"}}
{{if .Meta.U.Group | eq "anon"}}
<li class="auth-links__box auth-links__register-box">
<a href="/register" class="auth-links__link auth-links__register-link">
{{block "register" .}}Register{{end}}
BaseRu = m(m(BaseEn.Clone()).Parse(ruText))
func localizedBaseWithWeirdBody(meta Meta) *template.Template {
t := func() *template.Template {
if meta.Locale() == "ru" {
return BaseRu
return BaseEn
return m(m(t.Clone()).Parse(`
{{define "body"}}{{.Body}}{{end}}
{{define "title"}}{{.Title}}{{end}}
type BaseData struct {
Meta Meta
HeadElements []string
HeaderLinks []HeaderLink
CommonScripts []string
Addr string
Title string // TODO: remove
Body string // TODO: remove
func (bd *BaseData) withBaseValues(meta Meta, headerLinks []HeaderLink, commonScripts []string) {
bd.Meta = meta
bd.HeaderLinks = headerLinks
bd.CommonScripts = commonScripts
// Base is a temporary wrapper around BaseEn and BaseRu, meant to facilitate the migration from qtpl.
// TODO: get rid of this
func Base(meta Meta, title, body string, headElements ...string) string {
var w strings.Builder
meta.W = &w
t := localizedBaseWithWeirdBody(meta)
err := t.ExecuteTemplate(&w, "page", BaseData{
Meta: meta,
Title: title,
HeadElements: headElements,
HeaderLinks: HeaderLinks,
CommonScripts: cfg.CommonScripts,
Body: body,
if err != nil {
return w.String()
func CopyEnRuWith(fsys fs.FS, filename, ruTranslation string) Chain {
return en(copyEnWith(fsys, filename)).
ru(template.Must(copyRuWith(fsys, filename).Parse(ruTranslation)))
func copyEnWith(fsys fs.FS, f string) *template.Template {
return m(m(BaseEn.Clone()).ParseFS(fsys, f))
func copyRuWith(fsys fs.FS, f string) *template.Template {
return m(m(BaseRu.Clone()).ParseFS(fsys, f))
// ExecutePage executes template page in the given chain with the given data that has BaseData nested. It also sets some common BaseData fields
func ExecutePage(meta Meta, chain Chain, data interface {
withBaseValues(meta Meta, headerLinks []HeaderLink, commonScripts []string)
}) {
data.withBaseValues(meta, HeaderLinks, cfg.CommonScripts)
if err := chain.Get(meta).ExecuteTemplate(meta.W, "page", data); err != nil {
// HeaderLinks is a list off current header links. Feel free to iterate it directly but do not modify it by yourself. Call ParseHeaderLinks if you need to set new header links.
var HeaderLinks []HeaderLink
// HeaderLink represents a header link. Header links are the links shown in the top gray bar.
type HeaderLink struct {
// Href is the URL of the link. It goes <a href="here">...</a>.
Href string
// Display is what is shown when the link is rendered. It goes <a href="...">here</a>.
Display string