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package viewutil
import "text/template"
// Chain represents a chain of different language versions of the same template.
type Chain struct {
_en *template.Template
_ru *template.Template
// en returns a new Chain. This is the only constructor of the type, so every view is forced to have an English representation.
func en(en *template.Template) Chain {
return Chain{
_en: en,
// ru adds a Russian translation to the Chain.
func (c Chain) ru(ru *template.Template) Chain {
c._ru = ru
return c
// Get returns an appropriate language representation for the given locale in meta.
// TODO: Get rid of this
func (c Chain) Get(meta Meta) *template.Template {
switch meta.Locale() {
case "en":
return c._en
case "ru":
return c._ru
panic("unknown language " + meta.Locale())