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package mimetype
import (
// ToExtension returns dotted extension for given mime-type.
func ToExtension(mime string) string {
if ext, ok := mapMime2Ext[mime]; ok {
return "." + ext
return ".bin"
// FromExtension returns mime-type for given extension. The extension must start with a dot.
func FromExtension(ext string) string {
if mime, ok := mapExt2Mime[strings.ToLower(ext)]; ok {
return mime
return "application/octet-stream"
// DataFromFilename fetches all meta information from hypha content file with path `fullPath`. If it is not a content file, `skip` is true, and you are expected to ignore this file when indexing hyphae. `name` is name of the hypha to which this file relates. `isText` is true when the content file is text, false when is binary.
func DataFromFilename(fullPath string) (name string, isText bool, skip bool) {
shortPath := util.ShorterPath(fullPath)
ext := filepath.Ext(shortPath)
name = util.CanonicalName(strings.TrimSuffix(shortPath, ext))
switch ext {
case ".myco":
isText = true
case "", shortPath:
skip = true
var mapMime2Ext = map[string]string{
"application/octet-stream": "bin",
"image/jpeg": "jpg",
"image/gif": "gif",
"image/png": "png",
"image/webp": "webp",
"image/svg+xml": "svg",
"image/x-icon": "ico",
"application/ogg": "ogg",
"video/webm": "webm",
"audio/mp3": "mp3",
"video/mp4": "mp4",
var mapExt2Mime = map[string]string{
".bin": "application/octet-stream",
".jpg": "image/jpeg",
".jpeg": "image/jpeg",
".gif": "image/gif",
".png": "image/png",
".webp": "image/webp",
".svg": "image/svg+xml",
".ico": "image/x-icon",
".ogg": "application/ogg",
".webm": "video/webm",
".mp3": "audio/mp3",
".mp4": "video/mp4",