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package interwiki
import (
// WikiEngine is an enumeration of supported interwiki targets.
type WikiEngine string
const (
Mycorrhiza WikiEngine = "mycorrhiza"
Agora WikiEngine = "agora"
// Generic is any website.
Generic WikiEngine = "generic"
func (we WikiEngine) Valid() bool {
switch we {
case Mycorrhiza, Agora, Generic:
return true
return false
// Wiki is an entry in the interwiki map.
type Wiki struct {
// Name is the name of the wiki, and is also one of the possible prefices.
Name string `json:"name"`
// Aliases are alternative prefices you can use instead of Name. This slice can be empty.
Aliases []string `json:"aliases,omitempty"`
// URL is the address of the wiki.
URL string `json:"url"`
// LinkHrefFormat is a format string for interwiki links. See Mycomarkup internal docs hidden deep inside for more information.
// This field is optional. If it is not set, it is derived from other data. See the code.
LinkHrefFormat string `json:"link_href_format"`
ImgSrcFormat string `json:"img_src_format"`
// Engine is the engine of the wiki. Invalid values will result in a start-up error.
Engine WikiEngine `json:"engine"`
func (w *Wiki) canonize() {
switch {
case w.Name == "":
log.Fatalln("Cannot have a wiki in the interwiki map with no name")
case w.URL == "":
log.Fatalf("Wiki %s has no URL\n", w.Name)
case !w.Engine.Valid():
log.Fatalf("Unknown engine %s for wiki %s\n", w.Engine, w.Name)
w.Name = util.CanonicalName(w.Name)
for i, alias := range w.Aliases {
w.Aliases[i] = util.CanonicalName(alias)
if w.LinkHrefFormat == "" {
switch w.Engine {
case Mycorrhiza:
w.LinkHrefFormat = fmt.Sprintf("%s/hypha/{NAME}", w.URL)
case Agora:
w.LinkHrefFormat = fmt.Sprintf("%s/node/{NAME}", w.URL)
w.LinkHrefFormat = fmt.Sprintf("%s/{NAME}", w.URL)
if w.ImgSrcFormat == "" {
switch w.Engine {
case Mycorrhiza:
w.ImgSrcFormat = fmt.Sprintf("%s/binary/{NAME}", w.URL)
w.ImgSrcFormat = fmt.Sprintf("%s/{NAME}", w.URL)