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package hyphae
import (
// TextualHypha is a hypha with text, and nothing else. An article, a note, a poem, whatnot.
type TextualHypha struct {
canonicalName string
mycoFilePath string
func (t *TextualHypha) CanonicalName() string {
return t.canonicalName
func (t *TextualHypha) HasTextFile() bool {
return true
func (t *TextualHypha) TextFilePath() string {
return t.mycoFilePath
// ExtendTextualToMedia returns a new media hypha with the same name and text file as the given textual hypha. The new hypha is not stored yet.
func ExtendTextualToMedia(t *TextualHypha, mediaFilePath string) *MediaHypha {
return &MediaHypha{
canonicalName: t.CanonicalName(),
mycoFilePath: t.TextFilePath(),
mediaFilePath: mediaFilePath,