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.Dd March 24, 2022
.Nm mycorrhiza
.Nd serve a wiki from mycomarkup pages in a git repo
.Op Fl help
.Op Fl create-admin Ar username
.Op Fl listen-addr Ar addr
.Ar wiki-path
Mycorrhiza Wiki is a lightweight wiki engine. It uses Git repositories as a
means of keeping history, and provides a custom-made markup language called
Mycomarkup for authoring pages. The only runtime dependency is the
.Nm git
command-line program. The web interface provides viewing and editing
capabilities, history, administration, and simple search.
program serves a web interface for the wiki located in
.Ar wiki-path ,
on the address specified by
.Ar addr
or the configuration file. If the wiki directory
does not exist, it's automatically created, and the configuration is populated
with default values. The default configuration file
.Pq Pa config.ini
includes comments describing different options.
The options are as follows:
.Bl -tag -width Ds
.It Fl help
Display help.
.It Fl create-admin Ar username
Create a new user with name set to
.Ar username ,
and give them administrative rights. The password is prompted in the terminal.
.It Fl listen-addr Ar addr
Listen on
.Ar addr
instead of the value specified in the configuration file.
.Ar addr
must be a valid socket address (either a path to a local Unix socket, or an
address:port pair).
.Bl -tag -width wiki/users.json -compact
.It Pa wiki/wiki.git/
Git repository containing all hyphae (pages) in the wiki.
.It Pa wiki/static/
Directory holding static assets not tracked by Git and not editable by users.
.It Pa wiki/cache/
Storage for temporary files, such as session tokens.
.It Pa wiki/config.ini
Main configuration file with options required for operation. Not editable
through the web interface.
.It Pa wiki/users.json
User database that contains basic user information and hashed passwords,
serialized as a JSON file.
There's built-in documentation available. You can access it by visiting
.Lk /help/
on a live wiki, or by following the Help link in the default header, if
available. For example:
Created and maintained by
.An Timur Ismagilov Aq Mt
with help from other contributors.