Anti-clustering in the national SARS-CoV-2 daily infection counts - arXiv:2007.1179 - swh:1:dir:fcc9d6b111e319e51af88502fe6b233dc78d5166 - doi:10.5281/zenodo.3951152
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* TODO post-referee:
* Zenodo: see for what files make most
sense in Zenodo and also as an
- 0. ./project make dist-pdf
- subpoisson-8842dad-dirty.pdf
- 1. ./project make dist-arxiv
- subpoisson-8842dad-dirty-arXiv.tar.gz
-- ArXiv .tar.gz - for LaTeXable source, including reproduce/ and
anc/ with the .build/data-to-publish/ files
- 2. ./project make git-bundle
- subpoisson-8842dad-git.bundle
- 3-8. the six data files in .build/data-to-publish/
- 9. ./project make dist-software
- software-cb32347-dirty.tar.gz
-- update for final version
-- doing the first run in parallel gave these errors, two of which are
probably due to an order-of-execution flaw in
.build/software/installed/bin/bash: line 10: printf: missing unicode digit for \u
.build/software/installed/bin/bash: line 1: command not found
.build/analysis/outputs/WHO_vs_WP.dat: No such file or directory
- update to the latest Wikipedia dataset (archive, checksum)
- see the checklist in
- automated (or manual) check on abstract word count 150--250 words. (221
right now)
- something like a binary search, taking into account non-monotonicity -
only broad scale smoothness - for the best phi_i' would be much faster
than the two-step brute force presently implemented.