Organisation of an online inhomogeneous cosmology workshop using software that respects cosmologists' right to understand and verify and web services with good ethical reputations.
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Inhomogeneous cosmologies online

Cosmologists have recently organised several online meetings (Cosmology from home, GR sims in cosmology) that are quite embarrassingly dependent on GAFAM and create new dependencies on non-free software and on new centralised, authoritarian corporations (Zoom/Slack) that violate the principles of participatory, rational, informed, transparent decision-making and communication, in opposition to the widely held ethical principles.

This git repository aims to form a key element of organising an online inhomogeneous cosmology meeting during the COVID-19 epoch, and provide an example for scientists in other fields who may wish to hold similar types of online meetings. Feel free to fork this git repository and/or add 'issues' or propose 'pull requests'.

Known examples of ethical science/software online meetings include:

Near future:

Known software and services that are likely to be useful are listed at and

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