Reproducible software package and source for publishable paper for introducing the elaphrocentre into extragalactic physics
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Q1: I get strange errors of inexistent haloes or trees. Why?
A1: Try doing a clean of the post-simulation pipeline,
./project make clean-post-simulation
or of the full pipeline. In principle,
./project make clean-pipeline
should clean out all the files that might be problematic. Try removing
other temporary built files in the .build/ subdirectories with cosmological
calculations, which in order are:
Q2: The .mk files carry out calculations that I think
are unnecessary since they have already been done. Why?
A2: You can understand the exact reasoning used by 'make'
if you add the --debug option to your ./project command,
./project make create-galaxies --debug
But best store all output in a log file, e.g.
(./project make create-galaxies --debug 2>&1) | tee mylogfile.1
See also Q1/A1.