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Bos Wars wiki FAQ

This page serves to help all users of Bos Wars. Only add frequent questions to it and write clearly.

Where is the FAQ ?

The FAQ is included in the Bos Wars packages as doc/faq.html. You can also fetch the latest version from subversion.

This FAQ page on the wiki contains new questions and additional information. Good entries will move to the FAQ that is shipped in the Bos Wars packages.

How do I play the linux package ?

The linux packages contain a precompiled binary. Their file names contain the word linux, for example "boswars-2.4.1-linux.tar.gz".

If you downloaded a binary linux package (one with linux in it's file name), you first need to unpack it. In our example: tar -xzvf boswars-2.4.1-linux.tar.gz

Next go into the directory and start the game: cd boswars-2.4.1 ./boswars

and have fun.

How to run Bos Wars ?

./boswars -d=/PATH/to/data.bos

  • the engine searches for game data in the current directory.
  • place all new or external maps in the maps subdirectory.

See BosPlayersGuide for ingame rules and tips

Where can I find the libs for visual studio?

You can compile the libs needed by Bos Wars on your own. Most libs can also be fetched pre-compiled on the websites of the respective projects.

As a help, you can try our archive of the needed pre-compiled libraries: http://www.boswars.org/msvc-libs.zip.

What is that [="BadAlloc"=] error ?

If you get the message [="X Error of failed request: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)"=] at startup, your video card probably does not have enough memory available.

Solution A

If you have an (integrated) Intel graphics card, you can try point 8.2.6 from http://www2.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/HTML/en/xv.html. This will probably solve your problem.

If your Intel card return that line (with lspci -vvnn) = Region 0: Memory at 90080000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=512K], (it's the size=512K which is important here) use Plan B

Solution B

If you do not dare to change your configuration, you can also disable the intro video by editing the file "scripts/stratagus.lua" or "scripts/boswars.lua".

Replace SetTitleScreens( {Image="video/boswars_intro.ogg"} )

By SetTitleScreens( -- {Image="video/boswars_intro.ogg"} )

How to get the sources of the development version ?

The page http://www.boswars.org/development.shtml explains how to get the development version.

After you fetched the code with svn the first time, you can quickly get updates by running 'svn up' in the boswars directory.

How to build Bos Wars on Linux ?

Read the documentation doc/install.html that ships with the Bos Wars source code.

The page HowToCompileWithScons gives extra details about extra possibilities with scons.

How to report bugs ?

The best way to report bugs is to contact the developers on Matrix or opening a ticket. Please use the latest development version from git and make sure you know how to reproduce the bug.

Where does Bos Wars store the preferences ?

The preferences configured in Bos Wars are stored in "~/.boswars/bos/preferences.lua". Video resolution, fullscreen mode and many more settings go in there. It's a simple text file you can edit if needed.