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All work done on Bos will respect the Bos goals. At first, we will concentrate our efforts on making Bos a complete game.

WARNING: This Wiki is a conversion of the old PmWiki of Boswars. Some pages may still have incorrectly formatted text. A lot of the content is obsolete.

User Documentation

The project does not have a good player guide yet. Independently Michele Alessandrini wrote a very good Boswars User Guide.

How To Help


  • Run the game and report bugs
  • Participate in discussions in our Matrix rooms or on Libera IRC in #boswars
  • Read and improve the documentation
  • Write or update translations
  • Help answer questions from users
  • Create new maps
  • Create or improve campaigns
  • See also TodoList

Graphics Artist

See GraphicsNeeded.

Sound & Music Artist

  • Open source pipeline to create game music (see for example presentation at Fosdem)
  • Compose orchestral background music with different moods
  • To convert sounds for use in-game (sound effects, not music), use sox -r <input_rate> <input-file>.wav -r 22050 -c 1 -b 16 <output-file>.wav

Software Developer

  • Build on different distributions
  • Solve bugs reported on the bug trackers
  • Contribute packaging of BosWars to your favorite distribution
  • Work on Infrastructure
  • CurrentWork
  • TodoList
  • Remove cruft, simplify and optimize

Other Specialities

A project like BosWars requires a lot of work even if we didn't list your speciality here. Please contact us.

For example, many voices in BosWars should be replaced. Ideally all the voices would be generated with scripts as has been done for a couple of them.

Work in Progress

Development Documentation



Other Game Artwork

Old Content

Everything below this line is probably obsolete.

Work on hold

Future Work

User Documentation

Development Documentation