rpg like game made using godot to make practicing amc problems more fun
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rpg like game made using godot to make practicing amc problems more fun


get the code in one of these places:

note that this readme is in alpha! the game is being developed and ascepts will change

overview of the game

You play as a character currently working at a grocery store, but you know you want to do math and have a better life.

  • You can train to improve your skills
  • You can take a skill test which will give you a rating; this rating can be used for applying to jobs
  • You can get additional jobs or change jobs
  • One job is tutoring; you need certain ratings for different types of tutoring
  • The game will get harder: you won't have the grocery store job forever, people will get better at math and you will need more experience as a tutor
  • Rent, food, electricity, and internet bills will all get more expensive

More details later..

Details on test

There are 16 problems from all difficulties (AMC 8 Easy, AMC 8 Hard, etc.):

Here is the weight of each problem

  • AMC 8 Easy: 100
  • AMC 8 Medium: 150
  • AMC 8 Hard: 200
  • AMC 8 Very Hard: 220
  • AMC 10 Easy: 150
  • AMC 10 Medium: 200
  • AMC 10 Hard: 250
  • AMC 10 Very Hard: 350
  • AMC 12 Easy: 200
  • AMC 12 Medium: 300
  • AMC 12 Hard: 350
  • AMC 12 Very Hard: 500
  • AIME Easy: 300
  • AIME Medium: 400
  • AIME Hard: 500
  • AIME Very: Hard 650

You will have 2 hours to solve as many as you can.

project goals

  • finish building an interface to allow players to train
    • add initial interface
    • add custom textures to the interface
    • add a scene that allows players to choose the difficulty of their training
    • randomly generate the problems given the choice from the player
    • update elements in a scene based on the random data
      • update the problem link and the label
    • check answer after user submits one
    • add countdown timer
    • make sure two problems aren't repeated (may happen)
    • allow users to copy and past a link instead of clicking it
    • have one function instead of multiple functions for similar tasks
    • remove a player's score
    • have button that lets player end training (if they give up/are done)
    • simplify the code! (maybe if there is time...)
  • update a player's stats (energy, motivation, etc.)
  • add money a player has as a stat
  • add hunger as a stat
  • game over if any state is zero (or less)
  • charge money for training (internet + power fees)
  • have week numbers and day numbers
  • think of creating a way for players to save progress
  • allow players to go to work
    • charge money + time for commute (20 minutes for grocery store)
    • create a classes that defines a jobs?? (way to create description for different jobs EASILY)
      • traits: time needed for commute
      • energy level needed
      • wage
      • time spent each day working
      • number of days you have to work each week
  • allow players to eat a meal
    • add button for players to eat a meal
  • center panel on screen, add scroll bars
    • NOTE: Need to create a custom container that is always the whole size of the panel (simple script probably); unless there is another way...