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This is my code for Advent of Code (for all the years that I work on the problems). Each year has a folder with the year number. The source code for each day is in a folder called day#. Each day has two files, day#part1.cpp and day#part2.cpp. Note .cpp might be a different extension if I choose to use another language.

Advent of Code is available at

I may not be able to solve all the problems, and may not be able to finish all the problems. I may not do a problem each day, by the way...


Running these solutions (C++: .cpp extension)

  • Use the g++ complier: g++ solution.cpp -o solution (for UNIX systems, e.g.: Linux, MacOS, OpenBSD) or g++ solution.cpp -o solution.exe (for Windows, make sure to install mingw)
    • You can also use other compliers, since solutions don't use #include <bits/stdc++.h> anymore
  • Replace solution.cpp with day#part#.cpp (e.g.: day1part1.cpp)
  • Feel free to replace solution or solution.exe with your preferred name for the executable.
  • Run with ./solution < or solution.exe < (use this with CMD on Windows)
    • Replace with, like
    • NOTE: You will have to create your own input files. To do this, get the input on the Advent of Code website for your account. Also, the extension for such a file does not have to be .in.

Running these solutions (python: .py extension)

  • Type python where is the solution file
    • OR: Use pypy or python3 (or your preferred way of running Python files)
  • Note you will need to have the input file in the same directory as the solution file
  • The input file in the python program will be Change this if your input file name is different

Updates for each year

  • In the folder for each year, there is a file.


  • I will try to include a walkthrough file for some days. It will be called in the folder for the year. You can also view these walkthroughs on the project's wiki, if you prefer that.