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This repository contain my homepage

On first checkout

After first checkout you have to fetch the submodule with the theme:

git submodule update --init

How to build it

  1. cd ~/Repos/
  2. rm -rf public
  3. hugo
  4. rsync -hrvz --delete --exclude=_ public/

Usually I put this in a bash alias:

alias deploy-homepage="cd ~/Repos/; git pull; rm -rf public; hugo; rsync -hrvz --delete --exclude=_ public/; cd -"

Note: I always build the web page in a separate checkout (in this example ~/Repos/ to avoid to put stuff online which was not yet committed.

Integration my latest Mastodon posts to the index.html

This is done by a PHP script in the back-end. In order to make it work you have to perform following steps:

  1. copy static/mastodon.feed/config.feed.php to /home/schiesbn/mastodon.feed/config.feed.php. (This path is hard coded at the moment, if you want to use a different path you have to change the require_once '/home/schiesbn/mastodon.feed/config.feed.php'; statement at the top of static/mastodon.feed/getmastodonfeed.php)
  2. update the config file with the data and your Mastodon account(s)

The token can be generated in the developer section of your mastodon account settings. It is a bit harder to find your account ID. One way to find it is with following command:

curl '' -H 'Authorization: Bearer <your-access-token>