My QOwnNote Scripts
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import QtQml 2.0
* This is an example for custom styling of html in the note preview
QtObject {
* This function is called when the markdown html of a note is generated
* It allows you to modify this html
* This is for example called before by the note preview
* @param {Note} note - the note object
* @param {string} html - the html that is about to being rendered
* @param {string} forExport - true if the html is used for an export, false for the preview
* @return {string} the modified html or an empty string if nothing should be modified
function noteToMarkdownHtmlHook(note, html, forExport) {
// see for a list of
// supported css styles
if (forExport) {
var stylesheet = "h1 { color: #0082c9;} h2 { color: #0082c9;} h3 { color: #0082c9;} h4 { color: #0082c9} li.noBullet { list-style-type: none; margin-left: -15px; }";
html = html.split("<li>[ ]").join("<li class=\"noBullet\">&#9744;");
html = html.split("<li>[x]").join("<li class=\"noBullet\">&#9745;");
html = html.split("<li>[X]").join("<li class=\"noBullet\">&#9745;");
html = html.replace("</style>", stylesheet + "</style>");
return html;