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This is a fork of
I adjusted the output format to work with my Hugo theme

This is a Python script to convert a PDF to series of HTML `<img>` tags with alt texts.
It makes the presentation suitable embedded for a blog post and reading on a mobile device and such.

Example Workflow:

* Export presentation from Apple Keynote to PDF file. On Export dialog untick *include date* and *add borders around slides*.

* Run the script against generated PDF file to convert it to a series of JPEG files and a HTML snippet with `<img>` tags

* Optionally, the scripts adds a full URL prefix to `<img src>`, so you don't need to manually link images to your hosting service absolute URL

* Copy-paste generated HTML to your blog post

Tested with Apple Keynote exported PDFs, but the approach should work for any PDF content.

See `example blog post and presentation <>`_.


Dependencies (OSX)::

sudo port install ghostscript

Please note that Ghostscript 9.06 crashed for me during the export. Please upgrade to 9.07.

`Setting up virtualenv <>`_ and insllating the code::

git clone xxx
cd pdf-presentation-to-html
curl -L -o
python venv
. venv/bin/activate
pip install pyPdf



. venv/bin/activate
python test.pdf output

Advanced example::

. venv/bin/activate
python test.pdf output

Even more advanced example with hardcoded URL::

GHOSTSCRIPT=/usr/local/bin/gs python test.pdf output

Then upload to the server for Wordpress to access::

rsync -av pycon2014


Mikko Ohtamaa (`blog <>`_, `Facebook <>`_, `Twitter <>`_, `Google+ <>`_)