experimentelles Wiki für die Bits&Bäume-Bewegung auf Basis von [django-wiki](https://github.com/django-wiki/django-wiki)
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import time
import os
import re
import deploymentutils as du
from ipydex import IPS, activate_ips_on_exception
# simplify debugging
This script serves to generate and download a recent backup from the server.
python3 backup.py
# call this before running the script:
# eval $(ssh-agent); ssh-add -t 10m
# -------------------------- Begin Essential Config section ------------------------
config = du.get_nearest_config("config.ini")
remote = config("remote")
user = config("user")
# -------------------------- Begin Optional Config section -------------------------
# if you know what you are doing you can adapt these settings to your needs
# directory for deployment files (e.g. database files)
deployment_dir = config("deployment_dir")
app_name = config("app_name")
# name of the directory for the virtual environment:
venv = "hp_env"
target_deployment_path = f"/home/{user}/{deployment_dir}"
remote_backup_path = f"{target_deployment_path}/db_backups"
local_backup_path = os.path.join(du.get_dir_of_this_file(), "..", "..", "")
# -------------------------- End Config section -----------------------
c = du.StateConnection(remote, user=user, target="remote")
c.run('python manage.py savefixtures --backup', target_spec="remote")
c.rsync_download(remote_backup_path, local_backup_path, filters="", target_spec="remote")
final_msg = f"backup script {du.bgreen('done')}."