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A general framework for computational biology.
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:alt: The Biotite Project

Biotite project


The *Biotite* package bundles popular tasks in computational biology into an
unifying library, which is easy to use and computationally efficient.
The package features

- Sequence and structure data analysis and editing functionality
- Support for common sequence and structure file formats
- Visualization capabilities
- Access to common biological databases (*RCSB PDB*, *NCBI Entrez*)
- Interfaces to external software (MSA software, *BLAST*, *DSSP*)

*Biotite*'s complete documentation is hosted at


*Biotite* requires the following packages:

- **numpy**
- **requests**
- **msgpack**

Some functions require some extra packages:

- **mdtraj** - Required for trajetory file I/O operations.
- **matplotlib** - Required for plotting purposes.

*Biotite* can be installed via *Conda*...

.. code-block:: console

$ conda install -c conda-forge biotite

... or *pip*

.. code-block:: console

$ pip install biotite