A pretty (imho) desktop app for browsing the gemini universe.
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This document details the current plan for Gemium. It should give you an idea of what's in store, and also what tasks need to be completed.

Thanks goes to this article by mozilla about roadmapping.

Note: Visible elements, such as buttons and indicators, must be functional. For every milestone.

Current milestone (0.2.0)

Due: May 1, 2021


  1. show error messages in UI
  2. UI for pages which can't load properly (eg. unsupported content-type)
  3. assume protocol is "gemini://"
  4. bug: on-page links don't update the address bar
  5. bug: on-page links don't load into browser history

Upcoming Milestone (0.3.0)

Due: June 1, 2021

Requirements: TBD


Miscellaneous tasks which haven't yet been assigned a milestone.

  • differentiate between link types (and add CSS classes)
    • external vs. internal
    • document vs. tel/mailto
    • gemtext vs. xml vs. http/other
  • addressbar should show suggestions based on browser history
  • Verify SSL Certificate
  • Solidify "new tab page" content
  • bug: local ("file" protocol) gemtext does not render as html
  • UI for displaying multiple pages as tabs
  • App should pass the gemini client torture test (gemini://gemini.conman.org/test/torture/)