A pretty (imho) desktop app for browsing the gemini universe.
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Contributing Guidelines

This page describes general expectations for contributors. Code-related docs are located in the /docs folder.

Project Goals

This project exists to allow users to navigate gemini capsules, and customize the default browser styles. It should fulfill these goals with a few considerations: performance (speed, CPU usage, RAM usage, etc.), accessibility, visual design, and user experience.

Ways to Help

  • bug reports
  • suggest improvements
  • discuss open issues
  • revise documentation

Bug Reports

Bug reports are not support questions. It's not "this isn't working, what should I do". It's "this doesn't seem correct, I'll let them know".

  • Check for existing bug reports
  • There's no character limit; don't skimp on the details.
  • Make sure that you can recreate the bug on purpose. Explain how maintainers can see the bug for themselves.


Add a sales-pitch which explains how your idea would advance the project's goals. If it doesn't fit, it might not help the project.

The Pull Request

  • When you're working on a patch, please post updates on your progress. Don't feel bad asking for help; that's one of the reasons maintainers exist.
  • There are no automated tests. Instead, just ensure the app runs and builds itself without any surprising errors. Use the commands npm start and npm run build:pack, respectively.

What to Expect from "Maintainers"

As with many open-source projects, Gemium is run by volunteers. You can volunteer by report a bug, or when by discussing potential features with other volunteers. Some seasoned volunteers, called "maintainers", have commit access.

For this project, being a "maintainer" doesn't mean contributing code any more often than other volunteers. It mean responding to new issues, reviewing pull requests, and helping other volunteers.