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CPS: Compendium of Pharmaceuticals, Starfleet

This is the code for the web app that manages my listing of all the drugs from live-action Star Trek features (available at This is also version control for the manuscript and statistical analysis for Cordrazine or inaprovaline for emergency resuscitation in humanoids: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

What this isn't

This is not where you can contribute to the data set on which is based. Please click the button marked "Suggest a correction (error or omission)" on the site directly. You may also download the full data set from the site directly. (Note that it is provided on a non-commercial, by-attribution Creative Commons license.)

How to set an instance of this site up

This web app was designed to work on a LAMP stack.

To make this thing work, set up a MySQL database with the database schema described in db-schema.sql.

Then, copy the web/ directory into a folder on your web server.

Edit config.php such that it has your database credentials, the absolute path to the root of the folder you just copied everything from web/ into, the URL of the site that corresponds to that folder, and an email that your server can send from, so that you'll be notified if someone clicks the "Send a correction" button.

That should do it!

Citing The Compendium of Pharmaceuticals, Starfleet

Here is a BibTeX entry for The Compendium of Pharmaceuticals, Starfleet:

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If you used this data or code and you found it useful, I would take it as a kindness if you cited it.


Benjamin Gregory Carlisle PhD