A Shiny web app for visualizing historical versions of clinical trial registry entries on ClinicalTrials.gov
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Clinical Trials History Scraper

A tool for mass-downloading of historical clinical trial data from ClinicalTrials.gov and drks.de and a web app for visualizing individual clinical trial registry entry changes over time

Run app.R to start the web app. You can adjust the limit on clinical trial registry versions to download by editing the version_download_limit variable on line 9 of app.R.

There is currently a live version of the web app here:



The R package cthist enables mass-downloading of historical clinical trial registry data and provides the data that this Shiny app visualizes. It is available here:


Citing Clinical Trials History Scraper

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If you used this web app in your research and you found it useful, I would take it as a kindness if you cited it.


Benjamin Gregory Carlisle PhD