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Code for the analysis of "The informativeness of trials in COVID-19: A longitudinal cohort analysis of trials registered on"

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A tool for mass-downloading of historical clinical trial data from

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This R script takes a list of Pubmed ID's and checks in batches whether they would appear in the results for another Pubmed search

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Downloads Pubmed metadata for a list of PMID's

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A web app that tracks clinical trials that have been terminated, suspended or withdrawn due to Covid-19

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A web app for keeping track of media that passes or fails The Queerbait-Tragicqueer-Straightcomfort Test

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Clinical trials viewer downloads and parses information from at the time of search to populate the graph of clinical trials. FDA information is updated weekly from the Drugs@FDA dataset and the FDA postmarketing commitment data set.

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A Python script that extracts (“NCT”) numbers from abstracts in Pubmed XML search results and checks for a corresponding entry on

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