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<meta name="description" content="An interactive murder mystery set in a fantasy world with a magic system of Benjamin Hollon's own design.">
<meta property="og:title" content="A Rainless Sky">
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<meta property="og:description" content="A Rainless Sky is a murder mystery by Benjamin Hollon set in a world with a new and unique magic system.">
<title>A Rainless Sky</title>
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<h1 class="invisible">A Rainless Sky</h1>
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<p>You've reached the end of the story so far, but <em>A Rainless Sky</em> is still a work-in-progress. The next chapter should be released soon.</p>
<p>In the meantime, you can <a href="https://codeberg.org/benjaminhollona-rainless-sky/issues/new" target="_blank">report any bugs</a> you find in <a href="https://codeberg.org/benjaminhollon/a-rainless-sky" target="_blank">the Codeberg repository</a>.</p>
<p>This project is currently unlicensed, meaning you cannot use the code or content in any way other than those allowed on the website or under Fair Use laws. Once the story is finished, I plan to release the code and content under fairly permissive licenses, but note that until then <strong>you do not have permission to use the code or content of this site.</strong></p>
<h2>About the Author</h2>
<p>Benjamin Hollon is a part-time polymath and Avid Reader who advocates for RSS, FOSS, and Markdown. He dreams of moving the writing industry into the world of Free and Open Source Software and currently is trying to make the web beautiful, lightweight, and accessible.</p>
<p>You can learn more about him on <a href="https://benjaminhollon.com" target="_blank">his main website</a>.</p>
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