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use Rex -feature => ['1.3', 'exit_status'];
use Rex::CMDB;
use Rex::Transaction;
use Rex::Hardware;
use Rex::Group::Lookup::INI;
use Data::Dumper;
use Rex::Commands::Gather
# read the server.ini file and create the server groups
groups_file "servers.ini";
# Load authentication
set cmdb => {
type => 'YAML',
path => [
merge_behavior => 'LEFT_PRECEDENT',
# read all .task files in the folder Rexfile.d
do "Rexfile.d/$_" for (grep { m/\.task$/ } list_files("Rexfile.d/"));
# task which will install the tasks below on the group "rootserver"
task "rollout",group => "rootserver", sub {
transaction {
do_task [
# update the system before package installation
# install the given packages
# configure the system
# install the owncloud compose file
# install the monitoring compose file
# install the jd2 compose file
# finish the installation