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just some small binary with almost no dependencies, for mostly container tests


  • sometimes you want to start a container and just pause it for a while
  • give rust some love ❤️

easier to use, than to remember sth. like the following line

while true; sleep 1; done


pause <seconds to pause>


will pause until you stop it

if you provide a smaller number than 0 or an empty string, it will run forever as well

pause for forever:

pause -1

pause ""

pause for 5 seconds:

pause 5

the number is an int64, if you need more, let me know ;)


cargo build --release


in case, you don't have rust installed, you can build a docker image, it is multistage, so the build is handled within.

docker build -t pause:0.1.0 .

docker run --rm pause:0.1.0 <opt: args>

docker run --rm pause:0.1.0 5 will run for 5 seconds

if you want to reduce the attack vector even more, you can build the binary from the scratch image, statically linked

docker build -t pause:0.1.0 . -f scratch.Dockerfile