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# example config for kube-login
# change to your needs, ever setting can be set via flag or here
# username for keycloak
username: "admin@keycloak.devlocal"
# password for keycloak
password: "admin"
# k8s api fqdn
clustername: ""
# k8s api port
port: 8443
# oidc fqdn
idp-issuer-url: "https://keycloak.devlocal/auth/realms/k8s"
# oidc client id
clientid: "oidckube"
# oidc client secret
clientsecret: "797a53e4-5824-49f9-a71a-bf1e2a50404f"
# set this to true if you have a self signed certificate for your oidc provider
insecure-oidc: false
# default true, since feature for retrieving certificate (TOFU) is not yet implemented
# setting it here won't change the behaviour, since it is hardcoded in kubeconfig.go
#insecure-cluster: true
# if you set this to true, kube-login will output only id and refresh token and will exit
show-token: false