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Sample Project for a gorilla/mux based go rest API with prometheus metrics enabled and simple request logging.

Build Status

the main app is a sample golang application with a gorilla/mux based router.

port 8080 is used and you can build it yourself with: go get -d

linux: CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS=linux go build -o mux

OSX: CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS=darwin go build -o mux

after this you should be able to start it with: ./mux

and test it with curl localhost:8080

or for the metrics endpoint: curl localhost:8080/metrics

If you do not want to build it yourself just use docker or even more convenient docker-compose

docker-compose up

this will launch a stack with grafana, prometheus and the mux application

You can reach your applications under:


  • localhost:3000/login
  • admin:password


  • localhost:9090


  • localhost:8080

If you want to check if prometheus scrapes the mux application correctly, you can use the util/ script to configure the prometheus datasource. After this you only have to import the dashboards in the grafana folder. The mux-dashboard.json is a very basic dashboard which displays the go_threads of both prometheus and mux.

i added a simple prometheus gauge in the gauge.go file to show how to get updated metrics while the http server is running and blocking.


All patches are welcome! If you find something is missing or broken send me a PR or file an issue.