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JDownloader 2 Headless Container with Connection


  1. Create a folder on your (docker)-host for the configuration files (eg. mkdir /config/jd2) and one for the downloads e.g. /downloads
  2. run docker run -d --name jd2 -v /config/jd2:/opt/JDownloader/cfg -v /downloads:/opt/downloads benst/headless-jd2-docker
  3. stop the container docker stop jd2
  4. You have to edit the config files to connect to the Webservice. You will find the files after the first Container start in the config directory. Here: /config/jd2/*json
  5. On your (docker)-host, add your credentials to the file org.jdownloader.api.myjdownloader.MyJDownloaderSettings.json as in { "password" : "password", "email" : "", } and if you like your DeviceName(the name jdownloader will show in the WebGui) { "devicename" : "foobar", }
  6. and change default Download Location in the file org.jdownloader.settings.GeneralSettings.json as in { "defaultdownloadfolder" : "/downloads" }
  7. start the container docker start jd2
  8. you can jump into the container with: docker exec -it <containerName> bash and then look into /opt/Jdownloader/logs it takes about one Minute to finish the extraction if your Webinterface needs a little Time before you see something
  9. if you like to use docker-compose then there is a compose file in the repo which you can use. Just edit the config according to the documentation inside.