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Kubernetes cluster bootstrap with ansible and kubeadm

the install-all.yml will install a kubernetes 1.17 cluster with kubeadm and flannel.

Right now it is only tested on ubuntu


  • kubernetes 1.17
  • flannel

Minimum Requirements

1 Master

  • 2 cpu's
  • 4gb ram

at least 1 Node, better 3 with more ram and cpu

  • 2 cpu's
  • 4gb ram

getting started

create your inventory from the example-inventory or edit the values directly

generate yourself a new cluster join token and insert it in the inventory with

kubeadm token generate

or use one for tests only e.g sw4xjw.xfar3wciairc2n7o

Then run the playbook:

ansible-playbook -i inventories/<example-inventory>/ install-all.yml

you can give your newly added Nodes the "worker" label with kubectl label node <nodeName>