A cyberpunk delay announcement generator.
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A simple command line tool for generating Cyberpunk 2077 delay announcements.

I figured CDPR might need it. They're probably too busy crunching their workers to keep making too many more of these by hand.


Build it (you need Go installed):

git clone https://codeberg.org/bclindner/cyberpunkgen
go build

Next you need the TTF version of the announcement font, Blender Pro. find it and save it as "BlenderPro.ttf" in the repo directory. You could also save any other TTF but it would look wrong.

To run, pipe a text file into it:

./cyberpunkgen < examples/announcement.txt

Easy as that. I'll probably break this out into a library later.

You can use the fold command to make sure your text fits the image. About 130 bytes seems to work fine.

fold -w 130 -s -b singleline.txt | ./cyberpunkgen