Bash script for downloading and verifying OS images.
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dl-distro is a Bash script that simplifies the downloading and verification of operating system images. It utilizes jq and a JSON file for data retrieval, and wget for downloading image files, along with their signature and checksum files.

The script uses gpg for signature verification and checks the integrity of the downloaded image file with the relevant checksum algorithm. It alerts users of any tampering or corruption, and removes files that fail these checks.

Currently, dl-distro supports 382 images from 18 distributions.


  • bash
  • coreutils
  • gnupg (optional)
  • jq
  • minisign (optional: Void Linux verification)
  • signify (optional: OpenBSD verification)
  • wget



You can either use your preferred AUR helper or manually clone and build the package. Both dl-distro and dl-distro-git are available.

git clone
cd dl-distro
makepkg -si


If you can't access the AUR, you should git clone the repository.


git clone
cd dl-distro
sudo cp dl-distro /usr/bin/dl-distro


git pull
sudo cp dl-distro /usr/bin/dl-distro


Run dl-distro with the -p option to purge all stored data, then simply remove the script:

dl-distro -p
sudo rm /usr/bin/dl-distro


dl-distro relies on there being a locally stored JSON file. You can use the -a option to toggle on and off automatic fetching of this JSON file. Using the -u option will force update the local JSON file.

dl-distro dynamically interprets the JSON file, additions to distributions already supported in the script will not necessitate updates to the script itself. Users will automatically see new entries in the JSON file.

Updating the dl-distro script will only be required when new distributions are added or if there are incompatibilities introduced in the JSON file.

If you wish to override any data found in the JSON file, you can edit it and place the file in one of these locations:

  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/dl-distro/data.json
  • $HOME/.config/dl-distro/data.json
  • The directory dl-distro is located in

This is useful if you need to override the mirror to a faster one. Do note however, most distributions use a redirecting system, so you should get the closest mirror to your location.



  Provide dl-distro with a distro name or
  jq path. The jq path uses the same names
  you see in interactive mode.

      dl-distro arch
      dl-distro arch.latest
      dl-distro -n arch.latest ~/Downloads

  -h, --help         Display this usage message
  -a, --auto-fetch   Toggle on/off automatic JSON fetching
  -d, --delete-key   Delete a GPG key: dl-distro -d [KEY_ID]
  -i, --import-key   Import a GPG key: dl-distro -i /path/to/key.asc
  -l, --list-keys    List the stored GPG keys
  -n, --no-verify    Skip key fetching and verification
  -p, --purge-data   Delete ALL stored data
  -s, --spider       Check image availability without downloading
  -u, --update-json  Update the locally stored JSON file

  alma    gparted   parrot     ubuntu
  alpine  kali      qubes      void
  arch    mint      slackware  whonix
  debian  openbsd   solus
  fedora  opensuse  tails

Error Importing Signing Key

dl-distro automatically imports GPG keys from the Ubuntu keyserver, hkps:// If you encounter issues importing a distro's key, usually related to keyserver connections, you will need to manually source it and import it, or skip fetching and verification with the -n option.

If you decide to find and import the key, simply run:

dl-distro -i /path/to/key.asc

Issues and Feedback

Encountered an issue or have feedback? Please open an issue on the repository's issue tracker detailing any problems you encounter, or suggestions you might have. This will help continue to improve dl-distro.

Supported Distributions

dl-distro aims to support all images provided by the respective distribution maintainers.

If an image from these distributions is not supported, submitting an issue under the distro addition label is encouraged.

Distribution Version(s)
AlmaLinux OS 9.3
Alpine Linux 3.18.4
Arch Linux Latest
Debian 12.2.0
Fedora Linux 39
GParted Live 1.5.0-6
Kali Linux 2023.3
Linux Mint 21.2
Debian Edition 6
OpenBSD 7.4
openSUSE Leap 15.5
Leap Micro 5.5
Parrot OS 5.3
Qubes OS 4.1.2
Slackware Linux 15.0
Solus 4.4
Tails 5.20
Ubuntu 23.10.1 (mantic)
23.04 (lunar)
22.04.3 LTS (jammy)
20.04.6 LTS (focal)
18.04.6 LTS (bionic)
16.04.7 LTS (xenial)
14.04.6 LTS (trusty)
Void Linux 20230628
Whonix (qemu) (virtualbox)



All files in this repository are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 - see the LICENSE file for details.