Run your own internet services
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Mainstream software is so broken and the organizations that develop it so untrustworthy that we are reaching a breaking point.

So you want to run your own internet services? Email, chat, VoIP, web sites, file synchronisation, wikis, blogs, social networks, media hosting, backups, VPN. Freedombone is a home server system which enables you to self-host all of these things.

You can run Freedombone on an old laptop, a single board computer, or use it to set up a mesh network in your local area.


Matrix room:

See the website for installation instructions and other information. It's also available via a Tor browser on http://dcxf7xthmh7dusiqgtj4sswksiifqhf4yloggpe4ucyo4zfapnbj4zyd.onion