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====== Raspberry Pi: Prepare PiCore ======
//**Note**: This is an alternative to using Raspbian. Although not necessary, reading [[raspi:raspi_prepare_card|how-to on preparing the SD card]] is recommended.//
===== Preparing SD Card with PiCore =====
//work in progress...//
- download image from
- select latest stable image (in zip format)
- unzip and dd to sdcard
- use fdisk to resize second partition (linux)
= e.g. fdisk /dev/sde
= watch the start block!
- use resize2fs to resize to full capacity
= e.g. resize2fs /dev/sde2
- reboot and do stuffs
= [INIT] -b
= [BASE] tce-load -wi TC
= [MINE] tce-load -wi compiletc git geany
fdisk -lu /path/disk.img
-> in sector counts (usually 512-bytes sectors)
mount -o loop,offset=xxxx /path/disk.img /mnt/disk.img.partition
-> offset in bytes!
picore requires:
> tce-load -wi i2c-tools
> sudo modprobe i2c-dev
i2cdetect -y 1