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v15.9 to v16.5:
From v16.6:
note: there will be no F-Droid updates from this version (v15.9) and onward, download updates from repo's Releases page.
+ added user stories in Feed
+ added frame to currently showing slider item
+ removed tap to pause/resume from Post viewer, replaced with controller
+ fixed swipe not working when posts are opened from stories
+ fixed comments not showing for slider items
+ added user's website in profile
+ fixed caption mentions length (@kernoeb)
+ fixed some translations (@kernoeb)
+ fixd feed captions merging with "... more"
+-> Huge thanks to @kernoeb (Telegram) for French translation and @sguinetti (GitLab) for Spanish translation!!
+ added custom post time format support!
+ fixed flickering after changing settings
+ fixed posts not showing after searching from a private profile
+ fixed stories and profile pictures not downloading in user folders even when option was enabled
+ fixed issues with feed, discover and post viewer
+ fixed search suggestions crashes
+ fixed feed video not pausing when opened in post viewer
+ added 1 new profile picture view mode
+ added fields in LogCollector to better understand how things went wrong
+ better comments, story, feed, discover and suggestion fetchers
+ added support for urls! (:
+ added "Downloaded" check on posts if they've already been downloaded (as per suggestion)
+ fixed highlights scrolling issues
+ fixed comments issues
+ fixed posts weren't showing after searching anything from a private account
+ fixed suggestions not showing sometimes
+ fixed Stories viewer swipe issues
+ fixed Import/Export dialog not showing on old phones
+ added user's name in suggestions search list
+ added comment likes in Comments viewer
+ sending logs won't add empty logs to archive anymore!
+ fixed no new line in logs
+ handled Login WebView lifecycles
+ a better way of handling highlight swipes
+ removed useless code parts
+ added changelog after update
+ added swipe support in both Discover/Explore and Feed pages
+ added Send Logs button in Settings to send logs when something doesn't work
+ added clickable user profile in Post Viewer
+ fixed weirdly collapsing toolbar when toolbar is shown at the top
+ added theme selection support
+ added import/export settings, favorites and logins functionality (thanks to Airikr [@edgren] on Telegram)
+ added support for downloading slider items from User Feed page
+ added support for usernames and hashtags in user's biography/about text
+ added multiple selection in Discover/Explore page
+ added post date for feed items
+ added some more date formats
+ copyable feed item caption (long tap)
+ fixed late refresh indicator in Followers/Following comparison mode
+ changed feed item size to squares
+ fixed some caption text issues having mentions and hashtags
+ removed clipboard listener (stopped working after some changes)
+ added log collector for different crash scenarios
+ fixed custom download folder selection issues
+ added discover/explore page (only for logged in users)
+ added function to remove IPTC tracking data from downloaded pictures (thanks to Airikr [@edgren] on Telegram)
+ added multiple accounts support (quick access) and favorites (a suggestion from Saurabh on Telegram)
+ added custom download folder option, you can select where to download posts (a suggestion from Airikr)
+ added desktop mode toggle in Login activity (a suggestion from Eymen on Telegram)
+ added post date in post viewer (a suggestion from W on Telegram)
+ added post time format settings [ Settings > Post Time Settings ]
+ fixed some icons and layouts
+ removed color from slider items in feed
+ removed useless methods and properties
+ better way of handling multiple stories and posts (sliders) in post viewer
+ tried to make notifications grouped together.. hope they work
+ some other fixes and additions which i probably forgot, cause i'm a human ffs
+ fixed crash when searching hashtags
+ added lazy loading for hashtags
+ added Show Feed option in Settings (feed may crash app on some phones)
+ added null check in Download async
+ better/adapatable icon
+ fixed sheet dialog themes
+ (probably) fixed inflating issue in some devices
+ some small performance improvements
+ added feed!! (only for logged in users)
+ fixed multiple hashtags with no spaces between them
+ stopped activity from recreating when nothing changed
+ changed highlights to RecyclerView instead of HorizontalScrollView
+ changed some numbers and precisions cause she left me on read
+ added crash reporting library
+ added mute/unmute for session
+ better profile picture viewer + profile picture info
+ better swipe gesture
+ fixed mention and hashtag issues
+ added direct download multiple posts dialog
+ fixed notification problems
+ fixed some direct download problems
+ fixed batch download and username folder not creating in some activities
+ fixed update checker
+ added search in comments viewer
+ added settings to auto or lazy load posts
+ added user & hashtag stack when back pressed
+ added loading icon when loading posts
+ profile info bar sticks to top
+ fixed highlights and profile picture size in portrait and landscape mode
+ fixed posts loading from other user when restarting app
+ fixed posts size changing when scrolled
+ users & hashtag search shows only users or hashtag when first char is @ or #
+ scrolls to top when back pressed
+ added pull-to-refresh layout in main posts, followers/following viewer
+ added search in followers/following viewer
+ added video views in post viewer
+ added animation when showing highlights (if available)
+ fixed long usernames not animating (marquee)
+ fixed padding and size in portrait and landscape modes
+ fixed accounts showing personal followers/following when account has 0 followers/following
+ fixed double ripple when tapped on profile picture
+ smaller story border around profile picture
+ added comments viewer!!
+ added highest quality post fetcher
+ added loading indicator where it was missing before
+ fixed highlight name alignment
+ fixed swiping on posts opened via Share or link
+ added story highlights!! (issue #5)
+ added button to view posts posted in stories
+ added verified badge for accounts
+ fixed posts & story swiping issues
+ fixed slow loading and stuff
+ fixed different margins and sizes
+ fixed activity not recreating after settings dialogs closed
+ added followers / following checker
+ added search view suggestions for usernames & hashtags
+ added sliding profile container
+ fixed batch download permission issue (issue #4)
+ fixed some small screen panning issues
+ fixed search view width
+ fixed update checker
+ fixed Login and Visit project page button codes.
+ fixed posts merged from different accounts when searched while posts are loading!
+ view stories (only if you're logged in)
+ directly download posts
+ choose between two pfp (profile picture) viewer methods
+ fixed search box not showing up when toolbar is at bottom
+ automatically checks for updates
+ fixed Login crashes
+ first ever changelog
+ basic stuff like downloading profile pics, posts and copying captions and bio.
+ batch download posts