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Mercury is a fluid command line interface. It will provide a suite of command-based applications for handling various tasks.

WARNING: The Backups program does NOT like large files. Read below for more info:

Upon attempting to backup a series of folders, Mercury stopped at my Documents folder which was 2GB. To be more specific, it did not stop, it never ended. After leaving it to compress for a little under an hour, I discovered that my program was continuously writing bytes to my file, accumulating a VERY large total file size. I stopped the program as the size approached 179.8 GB. But hey, it does fine with normal folders! ( your own risk)

NOTE: This certainly isn't the cleanest code in the world. So much to do; so little time.


  • To use the Backups App, you need to specify the folders in data/folders.txt and the primary backup folder in settings.json or by using set backup_location /path/to/backup/folder
  • Since everything you need to know is listed inside the app, start it up and type "?"
  • It will be obvious when a command has worked. If you receive no output, it is not a valid command.
  • To run a normal command from within Mercury, append a forward slash to the beginning of the line. For instance, "/nano"


This app will take the primary backup location from settings.json and place compressed folders (specified in data/folders.txt) in a chronologic fashion. They are sorted as follows: Backup_Location/YEAR/MONTH/DAY/