Mirror of Astroncia IPTV - IPTV player with EPG support (DO NOT CREATE ISSUES AND PULL REQUESTS HERE - WILL BE IGNORED, USE GITLAB INSTEAD) https://gitlab.com/astroncia/iptv
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Astroncia IPTV

IPTV player with EPG support



Downloads (deb/rpm) are available on Releases page.

For Ubuntu / Linux Mint recommended install from Launchpad PPA - ppa:astroncia/iptv:
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:astroncia/iptv
sudo apt update
sudo apt install astroncia-iptv

Installation for Debian

Arch Linux (AUR) - astronciaiptv
Arch Linux (AUR) - astronciaiptv-git


Software provided as is, no guarantees.

Repository mirrors:
GitLab (main repository)


Code: GPLv3
Icons: CC BY 4.0

Icons by Font Awesome


  • Watching IPTV (from m3u / m3u8 / xspf playlist, local or remote)
  • XTream API support
  • Viewing unencrypted streams UDP (multicast), HTTP, HLS (m3u8)
  • Adding channels to favorites
  • Recording TV programs
  • Hotkeys
  • Channel search
  • TV program (EPG) support in XMLTV and JTV formats
  • Display of technical information - video / audio codec, bit rate, resolution
  • Channel groups (from playlist and custom)
  • Hide channels
  • Sorting channels
  • Video settings for each channel - contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, gamma
  • Change user agent for each channel
  • M3U playlist editor
  • TV archive
  • Internalization
  • MPRIS support (and remote control using KDE Connect)