A small home-brew game for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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NIMI Adventure

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Title Screenshot

NIMI Adventure is a home-brew SEGA Mega Drive game created during Christmas holiday by Nina and Andreas Shimokawa, mainly out of curiosity without any prior knowledge of the system.

It is a two player competitive game and consists of three mini games.

Mini Game 1: Sweets Catcher

Screenshot #1

The player who first reaches 250 or more points wins.


  • LEFT: Move left
  • RIGHT: Move right
  • A: Jump

The following items exist:

  • Candy = 1 point
  • Cookie = 2 points
  • Gummy bear = 3 points
  • Ice cream = 4 points
  • Bad cookie = -2 points

There is one special item that occurs every 60 seconds (Rainbow Drink), this will boost the player's movements for 10 seconds.

Mini Game 2: Rope jumping

Screenshot #2

The player who fails to jump over the rope three times, loses.


  • A: Jump

There are 6 speed levels, the game starts at level 1 and will go to the next lever after each full twirl. Once at speed level 6 the movement will stay at a constant rate.

Mini Game 3: Sushi speed eating

Screenshot #3

The game runs for 30 seconds, players just have to mash the A button as many times as possible. The player who managed to eat the most sushi, wins.


  • A: Eat sushi

Technical notes

The game was created on Linux with SGDK

To build the SDK for Linux the gendev was used

NIMI Adventure 1.00 was compiled with a self-compiled gendev with patches to bring to up to SGDK 1.60

The current main branch needs gendev 0.7.1 (SGDK 1.62), which makes it much easier to build on Debian x86_64, since there is a deb package already available on the gendev release page.

We are playing the game on a Raspberry Pi 4 running RetroPie 4.7.1 (using lr-picodrive)

On Linux we found BlastEm to run very well (BlastEm is included in Debian, Ubuntu and other distributions)


The following sounds were converted from SuperTux sounds:

  • supertux_coin.wav
  • supertux_hurt.wav
  • supertux_jump.wav