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Adapted from: http://eathena.deltaanime.net/board/index.php?showtopic=42659
Copied by: Massdriller
Post made by: lordalfa
As requested by MassDriller, I made this piece of code to allow you to whisper your NPCS and let them execute some commands for you.
An example of what you can do with it, before you eventually go on reading.
Let's say you prepared a special NPC called NPCCommander.
You whisper to NPCCommander in Game with formatted instructions like these:
[To NPC:NPCCommander] Report#Killstealing#Lordalfa
Now what happens is that this code allows you to trigger a Label called "OnWhisperGlobal" into that NPC and execute some code, passing it The values you just input.
Values will be passed into Temp string Variables called @whispervar0$, @whispervar1$ and so on..
In the example above:
@whispervar0$ would contain the word "Report"
@whispervar1$ would contain the word "KillStealing"
@whispervar2$ would contain the word "Lordalfa"
so you might prepare the NPC Label to process these Variables and give Executing Character a Feedback ( via dispbottom "message" for example )
Now , it's allowed to use up to 10 commands in a Row, separed by "#" character, they will be splitted and passed to the NPC Label in their respective variables, for you to process them.